January Assessment Statement – We have included a one-time paper statement and remittance envelope with your Welcome Package. Please note, prior balances from your previous management company will not be included on your January statement but will be reflected on your February statement. Moving forward, in the interest of saving resources and money for the Association, assessment statements will be sent electronically through PMP GATEWAY. If you would rather continue to receive paper statements, simply login to PMP GATEWAY and select this preference from the “My Contact Info.” dropdown menu.

We encourage all homeowners to log in to the PMP GATEWAY to confirm your email address is listed, as this will be the preferred method to receive all future assessment statements and important Association announcements and information.

Important Assessment Billing Information – If you currently have automatic payments set up through the previous management company to pay your monthly assessment, this service will be automatically cancelled. If you would like to continue with automatic payments (ACH) through PMP, please visit the PMP GATEWAY after January 1st to set up ACH in your payment preferences.

Payment OptionsPMP GATEWAY provides several convenient methods for homeowners to pay their assessment, including electronic check, automatic payments (ACH), credit card, or opting-in to pay via a paper statement and remittance envelope. In addition, you are always welcome to pay your assessments via autopay through your preferred financial institution. Simply use the Association’s new bank lockbox address below when setting up your autopay.

Stone Cliff Owners Association

c/o PMP Management

P.O. Box 51444

Los Angeles, CA 90051-5744

If you do choose to mail in your payments, please include your PMP GATEWAY account number and/or property address. Payments will be processed by the bank upon receipt, Monday through Friday, and will be posted to your account within 24 business hours. Payments are due on the 1st of the month and late after 60 days. To avoid late fees, please make sure payments are received no later than 60 days after being assessed.