How Can I Pay My Dues at Stone Cliff?

At Stone Cliff, we have three methods for paying association dues:

  1. You can write us a check and mail it to PO Box 2705, St George, UT 84771.
  2. You can fill out this form and we will automatically debit your checking account. This will be an automatic deduction every month.
  3. You can pay your dues online… Coming Soon

Electronic Billing

Stone Cliff HOA would like to move towards an electronic billing system. If you would like to begin being billed electronically, please email [email protected] with your name, lot number(s), and email address. All email addresses will remain confidential and will not be used for other purposes. This will save the HOA postage and handling fees. Automatic debit from your bank account to pay your monthly dues is also still available. The form is located here.


If you’ve got any HOA dues related questions, or questions regarding accounting, contact:
Adams, Hafen, & Co
1086 South Main Suite 201
St. George, UT 84770
(435) 673-6156