Jay Davis

Board Member

My name is Jay Davis. I retired to the St. George area fifteen years ago and have owned property in Stone Cliff since 2004. I originally purchased a lot in Phase 1, and, in June 2008, I purchased the lot next door. I have resided full time at Stone Cliff ever since.

I have been on the Homeowner’s Association Board at Stone Cliff for six plus years, and during this time I have been in charge of the Grounds, Maintenance, and Security. I am on the Board because I feel an obligation, as a resident, to help with the various ongoing issues and operating details of the community.

In my life I have owned various businesses including an insurance agency, a 5 store chain of health food stores, a publishing company, and various real estate developments, strip centers, and apartments. I am business oriented and try my best to make responsible decisions to produce positive results. I believe that a Homeowner’s Association has to be run like a business in order to thrive.

I also have experience in real estate appraising, management, commercial, industrial and residential sales and investment banking, and have a designation as Realtor Emeritus from the National Association of Realtors for having been a Realtor for 40 years.

I hold a degree in Industrial Design which is helpful with architectural and landscaping details. During my time in the military, I served as a Special Agent with the counter intelligence division.